Ad campaign

Beauty has a personality

Relaunching classic 20 years old collection of the lingerie brand Milavitsa.

New classic with 4 different women, 4 different personalities, 4 different ages, 4 different moods & 4 different lingerie designs & constructs were selected for the campaign. 4 women with their stories and Brand Milavitsa always strive to emphasize the individuality and peculiarity of each woman, giving her confidence and harmony with herself.

4 local personalities with different background, character, social status, complexity, internal state, professional industry, stories - real, not "from the picture", who love their body and feel sexy in it.

Elena, honored actress, 70 years old, Nadezhda, business woman, 40 years old, Olya, plus-size model, 30 years old and Anya, student&model, 20 years old.

The brand firstly uses in an advertising campaign aged and plus-size models!
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