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Deezer launch

Launching A1 Xplore Music by Deezer to the market with a popular Ukrainian singer Max Barskih.

Deezer brand is well known in Europe, but is not so familiar to the audience in the CIS. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the advertising campaign was the need to present an unknown European premium brand to the market focused on Russian-language music, and do it organically. Focusing on the experience of other brands in launching music products in the CIS there was a decision to attract an artist who is popular among the Russian-speaking public to promote a new product.
It was important to find not just a performer whose songs are in the top of music platforms, but also such an artist whose creativity is liked by the conditional majority - in order to avoid conflicting reactions. Ukrainian singer Max Barskikh, whose dance tracks are popular with a variety of audiences, is an ideal option for solving such a task. Moreover, his work as a whole is associated with a bright image, trending sound and stylish video.

Video was created with the artist image from the new clip Bestseller, launched together with the campaign start and it has already gained about 19 million views on YouTube, was presented on Channel One, and the song itself came out on top of listening to Apple Music in Belarus in March, and also entered the Top 100 Russian-language songs in Deezer, Yandex. Music and Spotify.
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