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Make yourself comfortable

Starting a new season on VOKA! In the new season, a lot premiere interesting content is waiting for you: new films, TV shows, series and sports broadcasts. For dad, mom, kid - for the whole family. What is more, a new platform design, a single subscription, comfortable payment methods.

All this makes VOKA even cooler, so make yourself comfortable, hurry up and let us start watching!
Establish an association in the consumer's mind — VOKA is a video streaming service for the whole family, where there is a lot of interesting content for each individually and for the whole family.

Focus on the "home" (SMART TV) situation of consumption.
Through humor we communicate the message: "Make yourself comfortable at home since a lot interesting content is waiting for us on VOKA".
At home, when we watch TV shows or sports, we arrange in front of the screen as conveniently as possible. Exactly how convenient is for us! Moreover, from the outside, it always looks funny and not convenient at all. Everyone will recognize his or her comfortable pose!

А series of video to promote the new content season with a family of local bloggers.
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