Ad campaign

Music louder — live brighter

Music streaming service brand Deezer in collaboration with Austrian telecom operator A1

А1 Xplore Music by Deezer campaign "Music louder – live brighter!" mirroring the main global brand essence to make life more fulfilling.

To localize the message local influencers representing various spheres were selected. The communication message was to show the emotions of real characters while doing their usual things and listening their favorite songs.
One of the ambassadors of the campaign was the famous Belarusian designer Lesha Limonov, who, being a part of the advertising campaign, presented the direction of creativity.

Prolonging the campaign in collaboration with him there was made an acid playlist cover which depicts a ladder from the chart of the top summer songs in the service in Belarus, along which three musical characters. In the center of the illustration is a branded X-shape from the service logo, and the rest of the space is occupied by lines from songs.

The cover later appeared on the branded merch and a mural in the city center to the International Music Day.
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